Talent Suite Built-in Integrations

As a SuccessFactors product, Employee Central is fully integrated with the rest of the Talent suite. Effective People will take care of these integrations as part of the implementation project of the other modules or if already live as part of the Employee Central implementation.

A few example of built-in integrations:

  • Create a new job requisition based of a vacant position in Employee Central and once a candidate has been found then the Recruiting module will help pre-populate the new hire flow in Employee Central.
  • Trigger a new performance form to be created when a manager change is approved in Employee Central.
  • Feed the Compensation forms with payroll information from your employee's employment information in Employee Central, and publish back the results once the salary review cycle has been completed.
  • Extended reporting options as more advanced data relations become available in the Online Report Designer.

Effective People standard integrations

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