Transforming to the cloud/SaaS

Transformation from traditional ERP services to cloud services is proving difficult for many. Difficulties arise because it is a true transformation, which require changes in skill sets (see also  "link to nyhed 1) of your consultants, change of delivery model to deliver more faster, change in your revenue composition and business model and change in how you manage your business.

Research Director in IDC Bo Lykkegaard is researching the HCM market and have special emphasis on the cloud market. He have written a comment on the subject. Selected comments from the research note are:

  • "SaaS boutique services providers can have leaner structures compared with traditional services providers"
  • "traditional and SaaS consultancies do not mix easily, because the operating models are so different"

Effective-People made the transition 10 years ago and we did optimise our business, delivery, organisation and management model to cloud/SaaS. It was a difficult exercise taking about 5 years in total and it involved a lot of learning and surprising insights.

Published: 15/12/2014