Effective-People is growing - part 1

Effective-People grew 40% in 2012 - and our growth is continuing. We have recruited 6 more to our team to support the growth:

  • René Wilkens-Lintrup as Consultant. René has 10 years of experience as IT consultant within HCM with a focus on recruitment.
  • Jesper Sloth Andersen as Consultant. Jesper comes with 5 years of operational HR experience and 15 years of experience as IT consultant.
  • Ruben Beecks as Lead Consultant. Ruben has 11 years of experience as SAP consultant with a focus on HCM and 18 years as IT-consultant.
  • Lars Bønsdorff as Project Manager. Lars has 12 years of experience as change and IT consultant from Accenture.
  • Casper Andersen as Consultant. Casper has 17 years of experience with IT.
  • Adam Kvist Lamaa will start in September as Consultant. Adam has worked with us during his studies.
  • Also Andreas Svendsen will join us and take over as student employee.

Published: 24/10/2013