Effective Change Management

Effective-People, a GP Strategies Company, have established a dedicated practise to offer our clients services within change management.

Over the last 3 years we have experienced an increasing demand from our clients for organisational change assignments.

The actual implementation of the new solution and data is a rather straightforward activity due to Effective-People's vast experience in implementing SuccessFactors across countries, industries and different sizes of companies. Challenges are often related to adoption in the organization, conflict among key stakeholders, or other organizational issues.

Effective change management will run in parallel to the actual implementation and be integrated through communication, stakeholder management, risk mitigation, training and overall focus on getting the solution adopted and accepted.

For selected clients we have added these services to our offering and allocated experienced consultants to deliver onsite services to drive change into client organisations. We have now decided to establish a Change Management service in Effective-People and labeled it: Effective Change Management. The service is dedicated to driving change in organisations implementing SuccessFactors.

Heading up our Change Management service is Senior Advisor Ole Andersen. Ole have vast experience in change management and have solid management experience himself. Ole's team consists of 3 seasoned consultants:

  • John Andrews, 54, former IBM and PwC among others
  • Lars Bønsdorff, 42, former Accenture consultant
  • Søren Daugaard Hansen, 42, former SAP consultant and HR specialist

Based on our experience we have defined a dedicated SuccessFactors Change Methodology, which fits with the standard SuccessFactors methodology. And we have supplemented with change knowledge from the vast knowledge library on change, performance and training within GP Strategies:

Effective Change Management

Above services will not be "forced" onto all clients. We expect many of our client will continue to purchase and implement SuccessFactors Classic, where we enable the client to deliver change management themselves.

More information

Read more about the service here.

We look forward to deliver the service to our existing and coming customers.